Activities from seasons:

  • Spring/Summer: Fishing and refreshing baths in the clear water from the river that crosses the property. You are pleased to enjoy the swimming pool with great views of the valley.
  • In the fall you can go look for mushroom in the woods together with experts from the area, called in Catalonia 'boletaires'.

For all seasons:

  • Hiking: promenades and guided walks through the magnificent forests of beeches, oaks and pines surrounding the property. You can even find authentic boxwood.
    Temperatures, when strolling along the paths and old roads, change abruptly when passing on the sun side or on the south side north in the shade, and needless to say in the fall when the leaves change color and texture, the mushrooms appear and forests become thick carpets of amazing colors.
  • Romanic routes: one of the best examples of Romanesque Ripollès is the Monastery of Santa Maria de Ripoll, only 15 minutes from Maçanós. In the area there are also other interesting constructions as the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria de les Lloses, Santa Maria by Matamala, Sant Joan de les Abadeses, and the hermitage of Sant Jaume de Frontanyà, located in the smallest town in Catalonia, jonly 10 minutes from home.
  • There are cooking, photography and yoga courses, taught by professional experts. Journeys to learn English can also be organized here
  • TOUR PROPOSAL: Sant jaume de Frontanyà is the smallest town of Catalonia, actually there's only 31 people livinig here. It's in the region of Berguedà, in the boarder with Ripollès, right in the Pre- Pyrinees mountains.
Sant Jaume de Frontanya 
Sant Jaume de Frontanya